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Athena Visage Ltd

Sphene Symphony

Sphene Symphony

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Introducing “Sphene Symphony”: A Singular Masterpiece by Athena Visage

Unveil the Unprecedented: “Sphene Symphony” stands alone—a radiant testament to individuality. Crafted by the visionary artisans at Athena Visage, this is not merely jewellery; it’s an anthem against conformity.

Punk Rock Rebellion: Inspired by the raw energy of punk rock, “Sphene Symphony” defies norms. It scoffs at mass-produced mediocrity, embracing the avant-garde.

The Elements of Elegance:

  • 14k Yellow Gold Filigree: The ring’s shoulders weave intricate tales—each golden thread a whisper of artistry.
  • Moissanite Brilliance: Natural moissanite dances around the centerpiece, framing it with celestial fire.
  • Chrome Sphene: The heart of “Sphene Symphony,” this gem glows with kaleidoscopic hues—a cosmic dance frozen in stone.
  • Champlevé Enamel: Pink enamel swirls, a delicate crescendo, encircling the sphene like a whispered secret.
  • Australian Opal Inlays: Australian opal, mysterious and captivating, frames the pink enamel—a harmonious contrast.
  • Diamonds and Pink Spinels: These opposing cornerstones—diamonds for eternity, spinels for passion—complete the symphony.
  • This is a UK size N1/2 and sits comfortably, waiting for the right person to purchase

Why Wait?:

  • “Sphene Symphony” is exclusive. Only one exists—the crescendo of Athena Visage’s rebellion.
  • Available in May: Mark your calendar. Be the first to wear this opus of individuality.

Awards Await: “Sphene Symphony” is entered for the A Design Awards—a testament to its audacity and brilliance.

Listen to the Unheard Notes: “Sphene Symphony” awaits its muse. Will you be the one to wear its melody?

Certification Available: For those who seek assurance, certification is available upon request. We’re committed to transparency and quality.

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